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It’s National Barbecue Month – Every Month!


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(ARA) - America’s love affair with barbecuing is burning brightly, as today three quarters of U.S. homes have a grill and more than sixty percent of gas grill owners cook outdoors year-round. Those few who don’t own a grill probably enjoy barbecued food at the homes of families or friends.

Eighty-five percent of families barbecue regularly (families of 4 or more is an even higher number!), as the outdoor lifestyle evolves.

If yours is the typical barbecuing household, you have more than one grill. Odds are the second (or third) one is a smoker, a turkey fryer, a kamado cooker or a portable grill to take along on family outings or vacations.

The Twelve-Month ‘Season’

What began as barbecue week became National Barbecue Month in May of 1982, when the industry figured it was time to acknowledge that this is the time when ‘the season’ typically began. Now most people would say ‘barbecue time is any time’, with very good reason. Six out of ten new grills sold are gas fueled, and most gas grills are covered. Ditto smokers and kamados. That takes care of cooking out anytime, even with rain or snow.

Just as important, outdoor hearth appliances such as chimineas, portable firepits and patio heaters are increasingly popular as the trend toward the ‘Outdoor Room’ continues in all parts of the country. The warmth and ambiance they provide stretches the season in most locations and makes longer evenings outdoors more comfortable than ever.

Woodfires to Infra-Red Searing

Cooking food over fire has had some evolution! While it may not be rocket science, grill design and technology has come a very long way -- all with the objective of giving you the flexibility, quality, affordability and safety you want in your backyard. Cooking over charcoal is enjoying a tremendous resurgence, especially using natural lump charcoal. More barbecuers are also discovering the advantages of using wood chunks or logs as a primary fuel source.

Convenient gas grilling is yours for as little as $99 or as much as $10,000. A great range of features and available add-ons enable cooking even the most adventuresome meals -- for nearly any size gathering -- without even turning on the kitchen light!

You Make May -- and Every Month -- Barbecue Time

According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) there are literally billions of barbecue occasions annually in the U.S. And maybe that’s because it is an occasion, whether cooking a family meal or entertaining. It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s safe and it’s all in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re throwing a few burgers on the grill or creating an outdoor high cuisine, it all comes down to food and flame.

So, enjoy National Barbecue Month – every month of the year!

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